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Pronto offers several pricing levels, based on the number of active contact in your Pronto contact list. Your monthly fee will vary depending on the level where your list size falls each month.

Each month we determine your bill according to the size of your Pronto contact list. The price is based on the greatest number of active contacts in your Pronto account during the previous billing period. So if, at any point in the month, your list size falls into a higher pricing level, you will be charged at that higher level.

If your list falls into a lower pricing level and remains at that lower pricing level during your billing period, you will be charged at the lower level the following month. This is because the monthly charge is based on the greatest number of active contacts in your Pronto account during the previous billing period. 

Add On:

Administrative Service Pro: 

Equinox will provide support and upload patient data on a monthly basis. This support will include patient info, dressing schedule, and frequency of dressing change. The Service Pro charge will cost $199.00/Month in addition to the Pronto monthly pricing.

How does the pricing levels work for Pronto’s email notficiation application?