UNI Black Foam Dressing Standard Application Webinar

The UNI NPWT Foam Dressing is indicated for patients who would benefit from a suction device, particularly as the device may promote wound healing through removal of excess exudate, infectious material and tissue debris.

UNI Black Foam Dressing


Negative pressure wound therapy is an effective modality in advance wound care. NPWT requires less dressing changes and it’s a less painful treatment. NPWT can be used in multiple setting from acute care, long term acute care, skilled nursing to home-care. NPWT can bring positive clinical results and provide a better quality of life.

UNI Foam Dressing Kit is design to universally work with any NPWT pump system. Our dressing can easily adapt and fit with any negative pressure wound therapy pump system.

Our foam dressings are made out of high quality reticulated polyurethane/polyethylene foam with an open pore structure (400-600 microns).  The use of our hydrophobic, hydrophilic and silver foam dressings were designed with flexible contours for deep or irregularly shaped wounds.  UNI foam dressing kits promote cellular activity and formation of granulation tissues in wounds.

The UNI foam dressings helps draw wound edges together, remove wound fluids and infectious materials. Our foam technology works actively and can easily adapt to any NPWT pump systems.

• Hydrophilic

• High density

• Ideal for tunneling and undermining wounds

• Flexible wet or dry, minimizing damage to wound bed

Indication for Use

UNI NPWT Foam Dressing

UNI Negative Pressure Wound Therapy Foam Dressing Kit

• Hydrophobic

• Open-pore, reticulated

• High tensile strength eliminates fraying and reduces contamination and infection

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